Favourite Bits : Northern Cyprus

My favourite part of our Turkey/ North Cyprus adventure was the vegetable market on the road toward Girne/Kyrenia.

I think no sooner than the words “if there’s anywhere you want to stop” were out of Sergio’s mouth then I spotted the market and said, “stop there!”

I felt like we hasn’t had much vegetable action and so I sort of binged on all things green. And red and purple.


Stunning peppers. Piles of deep hued reds and verdant greens, filled with hot hot hotness! Bins and bins of peppers. Mint. Oh my! Leafy greens, nectarines.


Lovely Aubergine!
Eggs in a bag, straight from the farm. Mushrooms. Oh! The thing I love and I miss most! Mushrooms! And of course, sweet figs. Figs at the front counter. Waiting for me!

It was pretty much my idea of heaven. We visited often. It was pretty incredible.


I only regret that I didn’t bring my camera into the market to take pictures there. But I couldn’t resist when we arrived home, as I was scrubbing and sampling and revelling in vegetable heaven, to take a few indulgent still shots!



IncrEdibles at Kew

It was delightful to visit Kew Gardens and see the IncrEdibles exhibit there. Edible landscapes, all over it. Food not lawns! Of course, I think the perfectly manicured and weeded gardens (royal horticultural society?) are a little different than a “commoners”attempt at ripping up the lawn and planting an edible front lawn. My sister did this two summers ago– much to the chagrin of her neighbours at first. Now her yard has grown in wonderfully but she could have used the Kew gardens examples a few years ago! None withstanding, for the 1.35 million people who visit per year, some must have thought a little bit about planting some edibles of their own!

Here’s a look at whats happening there: