Favourite Bits : Northern Cyprus

My favourite part of our Turkey/ North Cyprus adventure was the vegetable market on the road toward Girne/Kyrenia.

I think no sooner than the words “if there’s anywhere you want to stop” were out of Sergio’s mouth then I spotted the market and said, “stop there!”

I felt like we hasn’t had much vegetable action and so I sort of binged on all things green. And red and purple.


Stunning peppers. Piles of deep hued reds and verdant greens, filled with hot hot hotness! Bins and bins of peppers. Mint. Oh my! Leafy greens, nectarines.


Lovely Aubergine!
Eggs in a bag, straight from the farm. Mushrooms. Oh! The thing I love and I miss most! Mushrooms! And of course, sweet figs. Figs at the front counter. Waiting for me!

It was pretty much my idea of heaven. We visited often. It was pretty incredible.


I only regret that I didn’t bring my camera into the market to take pictures there. But I couldn’t resist when we arrived home, as I was scrubbing and sampling and revelling in vegetable heaven, to take a few indulgent still shots!



Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk : Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens had a lovely garden table focusing on various herbs and tea party treats. It was the theme of the Mad Hatters tea party. It was a really creative way to showcase the edible & culinary herbs. I wish I had a table like this in my backyard…

There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter.









Backyard foraging

Last week I ventured deeper into our backyard and found some really cool things! Some too late, sadly but a good reminder to add to my calendar to check for next year! Awareness is everything!


Luckily my herbal studies classes led me to the discovery of red ginger, and I was able to identify it right away, delighted to have the chance to catch it in bloom!


It is the most amazing part about Brazil. Plants grow. Usually with the least amount of effort the better. For a Northerner, it is nothing short of a miracle!


I am told there are macadamia nuts inside the little round casings.

Here, we find one of the first mushrooms I’ve seen here- and it looks a little deadly. And somewhat cool.


What’s in your backyard? Do you know? Have you been there lately?

Venture forth and see what you can find!

The Fig Tree

In August we pulled up to the farmers market here and I immediately spotted the “tree man”.

Previously I had gotten a few mango and a clove tree from him. This time, he had a fig tree. Number one on my wish list!

So. We got the fig tree and sort if left it alone in a pot in the backyard. Low and behold — figs actually grew!



We have actually eaten about 4-5 figs from this little tree in a pot! It’s quite amazing. What is it going to do when it actually goes into the earth! Can’t wait!


Immediately sliced and eaten with my few strawberries! Very nice surprise!

Rooting Pineapple Tops

Well! I did a bit of research and found that you can actually root the tops of pineapples instead of throwing them out.

Over the holidays there were quite a few pineapples here. So I stole the tops and started sprouting! I am a big fan of re-using house scraps!



You just peel a few bottom leaves gently off the top, put them in water and the little nobs will grow into roots!



Next step: plant them into some house plant pots– or if you live somewhere warm enough and have the space, directly into the ground. They will grow from there. The old leaves might fall off but new ones should sprout up from the center. Takes a couple of years for a new pineapple to grow! I think I will be contented with having pineapple plants growing out in the yard just for the fun of it!

Resting in England

After a long journey we finally came to rest in England. Because our visit was quick we decided to stay at the Sofitel in Heathrow. A good choice. It was a bit of pampering, but well worth it!

Mr. Abrahao had business meetings and so I treated myself to afternoon tea, and an afternoon in the hydro-spa. That was pretty nice. I am now craving these yummy scones, dreaming dreaming! Spoiled!