Stranded in Istanbul airport?

It’s been a while, but surprise, surprise! We have been travelling.

Our “anniversary” came and we found ourselves in Northern Cyprus. It’s was an epic journey.

Stranded in Istanbul.

Bank strike in Brazil. 21 euros in our pocket, credit cards flagged, no cellular service and limited Internet access.

Sounds like the beginning of a quest right?

Turkey had always been on my travel list. The series of events didn’t leave us happy to be there! In the end it’s the journey though right?

We learned a lot. Like, thank goodness my Dad lives in Canada where Western Union works, and how to share a sandwich between two people over three days, and where to get free Internet in the Istanbul airport, a place I swear I will never go again!!!

Ps: if you are googling from the Istanbul airport right now and your wondering about Western Union, stick to TEB. Turk Ekonomi Bankaski on the 1st floor by the flower stand. In our three day stint they were the most sympathetic and honest to deal with.

But anyway, here are a few preliminary shots from the road!

The bad:



Turkish Airways=HELL


This is where you find free Internet. (Or you buy one sandwich and scam Internet for the next three days) The Take-Off cafe.


Because it is quite beautiful, when you do arrive…

The Good:






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