Za’atar and its many uses

In out house we can’t seem to get enough Zatar! My husband is Lebanese, so it’s a staple!

Two Spoons

When we moved into a tiny apartment-in-the-city kitchen, I told myself with much conviction that I was not to buy any dried herbs or spices that I’d only use a few times. After all if I want real curry for example, I can take my pick of amazing restaurants nearby. Yet the memory of my first flatbread sprinkled with za’tar hung over my tastebuds. Admittedly what I tried probably wasn’t a legit version, using oregano and thyme or something rather than actual za’atar leaves, but drizzled with plenty of pungent olive oil, it was heavenly – savoury, umami (but not expectedly so), and tangy without being excessively tart.

Why make your own

Making your own, even under strict spice rations, is easy. There are only 3 ingredients that you have to go out of your way for, and individually, they’re useful for a HUGE range of other things. I can…

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