New Friends of the Canine Kind

“Please, sir, I want some more.”
― Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist

For several months now we have had a frequent visitor to our house. I think we may be on the right track, and it is quite possible that we’ve been chosen as humans to a very polite and hungry street dog.


The dog was wandering the street one night when Mr. Abrahao called to me and said “This mama dog is looking for food for her puppies. Quick, get her something to eat!”

I love my husbands imagination and willingness to make up a good story about what he is witnessing.

I politely corrected him after several misidentifications. “Love, this is a boy dog. He isn’t out looking for food for his puppies.”


This is how it started.

I think he liked us! He visits every day, some times twice. He let me feed him from my hand, and he impressed me with his gentle manner.

Soon the gate was open. Now he comes frequently at night to lay around.

Last night was wonderful. I really think he likes us.


There are a lot of street dogs here in Brazil. I want each and everyone of them.

We have temporarily dubbed our dog Oliver. Mr. Oliver Twist. He is the most polite street dog of them all! Although he doesn’t really care about humans. He eats, sleeps and leaves. He doesn’t bark. He is a roamer. He goes about his business and comes around for a visit when he wants to.

I hope he decides to stay with us.

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