Backyard foraging

Last week I ventured deeper into our backyard and found some really cool things! Some too late, sadly but a good reminder to add to my calendar to check for next year! Awareness is everything!


Luckily my herbal studies classes led me to the discovery of red ginger, and I was able to identify it right away, delighted to have the chance to catch it in bloom!


It is the most amazing part about Brazil. Plants grow. Usually with the least amount of effort the better. For a Northerner, it is nothing short of a miracle!


I am told there are macadamia nuts inside the little round casings.

Here, we find one of the first mushrooms I’ve seen here- and it looks a little deadly. And somewhat cool.


What’s in your backyard? Do you know? Have you been there lately?

Venture forth and see what you can find!

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