Rooting Pineapple Tops

Well! I did a bit of research and found that you can actually root the tops of pineapples instead of throwing them out.

Over the holidays there were quite a few pineapples here. So I stole the tops and started sprouting! I am a big fan of re-using house scraps!



You just peel a few bottom leaves gently off the top, put them in water and the little nobs will grow into roots!



Next step: plant them into some house plant pots– or if you live somewhere warm enough and have the space, directly into the ground. They will grow from there. The old leaves might fall off but new ones should sprout up from the center. Takes a couple of years for a new pineapple to grow! I think I will be contented with having pineapple plants growing out in the yard just for the fun of it!

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