Happy New Year!

Well, the holidays have swept through, and we passed relatively unscathed.

On Christmas I started some new seedlings. I realized that the rain has been coming down fairly regularly and this must be my previous version of “April Showers”.

The heirloom sunflowers went into the ground- a few seeds at a time! I want to make sure my experiments are going well before I go all out!

So- the “girassol”, sunflower was the first to sprout! Of course — I remember from elementary school days, they always were fast starts!



Then the basil started coming up, some tarragon and the dill! I was really excited because on our last trip to Canada I got a few inexpensive window pots at Ikea to start a vertical herb garden. The greatest thing is that they fit really well on the “barred” windows typical of Brazilian houses. (Sigh).

Anyway! I tried 3 pots of Cilantro- and nothing! I wonder if its the seed or me?
I read they are a cold weather start- maybe I try the refrigerator for a few days to see if they pop up before reassigning the pots.


Let’s hope many wonderful things grow in 2013.

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