Hot Holidays VS The Big Chill

You would think after a year we would be done acclimatizing. Not so! Brazil is pretty hot for me. I suppose it is all the travels that have caused us temperature and time zone confusion.

So it is no surprise that we can’t figure out out seasons – switching between hot and cold! And on some occasions we have our days and nights mixed up.

But then again, we sort of go for the unconventional. Pie at 4 am types. So here when it’s hot, I am thinking about my friends back in Canada and Sweden and the frosty mornings and afternoon darkness they are privy to.

( these are my bundled up friends Miss M and Mr. L — two very cool friends of mine)

Cuddled up, bundled up and happily warm in their homes!

Crisp chilly noses. Icicles.
I will never be able to roast a turkey in this heat- maybe it’s a barbecue Christmas for us.

But I have to confess. We had Christmas already. We decided that we could have a tradition every year. Since last Christmas we celebrated early as well. On the road. It took one day to do all the shopping, wrapping, decorating and food. Quite brilliant really. No stress, no overspending. No guests or obligations. Impromptu and therefore so much better. I just announced that the next day would be Christmas, and voila — it was. We happened to be in a cold place, so my hot holiday lament is tempered by the memory of just a little taste of the chill!

Yes. Our second year running: Hotel Christmas. Calm, serene, no fuss.




It sounds bad until I realized that the impromptu Christmas was wonderful. No emotions running high, no unmet expectations. Everything, just as it was! Very nice!

We are heading into the holiday season here in Brazil, and it’s summer. I might miss the snow, but I may spend Christmas in a lounge chair somewhere near a barbecue. That would be nice too. I will, however, still put up my little snowflake lights and laugh at how ridiculous a snow flake and a reindeer are out of context.

Either way, hot or cold, north or south, I am satisfied.

3 thoughts on “Hot Holidays VS The Big Chill

    • Ha! Yep! I had a surreal moment the other day as I was standing in a parking lot… Christmas music playing on the loud speakers and the heat was rising up from the pavement! Shocking;-)

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