What Is Home?

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action. -Mother Teresa

My Abrahao and I met here in Toronto ten years ago. It seems to be a transition point for us- from South America back home to BC, or back to Sao Paulo. At the time Toronto was a “Big City” to me and I felt lost and alone there, but I met amazing people too. I couldn’t wait to get away though.






Now when we come through I like it. It seems small now, somehow. Like the experiences I have had have changed me so much that dealing with the city is just another thing I can do. And now, having spent so much time rootless, and wandering, without a home, I feel at home here.




Even if it is just a one night layover, or a few days spent with friends, or the big shopping spree of Canadiana before heading back to South America. Last time we got to spend time with Elena. This time Dave and Monika. Its good to know we have people there.
It is the closest point back to where I can feel comfortable. A quick 11 hour plane ride.


Its funny. When I only lived in Canada home was always BC. Now that I don’t live in Canada anywhere I land here will probably feel like home. There are things you *have* to miss, language. Not just English, but French too. Food. Attitudes. Excellent roads. Polite queues. I know my husband misses it too.

Home, home, home. What is it?

5 thoughts on “What Is Home?

  1. i really don’t know where home is – i’ve lived in 7 countries … i have been thinking for 20 minutes now, staring at the question … I don’t know anymore ! i consider myself lucky, having the ability of going and coming … here and there … makes it all too easy perhaps ? what if we had to stay in a place for, say, 12 months without the ability ( money, or visa trouble or whatever … ) … would I create a greater sense of “home” ? idk …

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