Thanksgiving: There’s no Place Like Home

Onwards to home, we arrived in Toronto by chance, and I got to spend the weekend with some besties I havent seen in about 7 years.


My people, people. Who have had beautiful little babies who have grown into beautiful little children, while I have been away.

So many times on this road over the years I wished I could have just teleported to have a tea with my darlings. To regroup and get that good stuff, the good feelings that happen when you sit down with people you truly love, and feel no distance. As though seven years have been nothing but a passing of time in what we know will be a lifetime friendship. Oh! I loved them before, and after meeting the two little additions to the family I love them even more. Is that possible? I like them in a way that makes my teeth hurt, and my cheek bones weary from all the smiling and laughing.





Oh happy heart!

what my heart says when I see them

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