Nulli Expugnabilis Hosti: “Conquerable by no enemy.”

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory, located in the very south of the Iberian Penninsula, it’s 6 square kilometres.

959 BC the Phoenicians were the first inhabitants on Gibraltar.

I must say, it is a strange thing indeed to cross the border into Gibraltar and go from Spanish to English in a heartbeat. To go from jamon to steak and kidney pie!



So, we stayed at The Rock hotel. Honeymoon spot of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It must have had its charm back in the day. It reminded me of a hotel I stayed at once in England- that I will never forget! ( you know who you are, you know where it is! REDRUM!)


The view was stunning and the pool was lovely to sit beside. Under the cliffs of the Rock and amidst the foliage of hot Spain. It was delightful.



Touring around took us about an hour or two. It is quite small. Steep but small! The views of the ocean…. what can you say! Ocean views are always spectacular…





It was a good one day layover before catching our cheap flight out back to Britain.

2 thoughts on “Gibraltar

    • It has great views! We only had a day there- and I think we travelled the whole place! The downtown is all pedestrian, easily walkable in an hour or two- depending on what you get up to. We drove the circumference of the island. There is a park at the top- we didn’t hike too much there and chose to be lazy by the pool- probably a day or day and a half would suffice. It had great views.

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