Tarifa: The Beach

According to National Geographic, Kite Surfing in Tarifa, Spain is #5 on the list of “Top Mediterranean Adventures”

“Europe’s southernmost port town is perched on the Strait of Gibraltar and draws kite surfers to a dozen or so beaches well situated to feast on howling winds funneled through the strait. A wide selection of schools can help even newcomers to the sport get up and running in relatively short order. If the wind dies down travelers can flee Europe via a fast catamaran that reaches Tangier, Morocco, in under an hour. “

see full article here

We only saw a few kite surfers along the beach when we were there. But, the beaches were amazing. Here are a few of the ads from the kite surfing schools which I liked…



The main attraction of Tarifa has to be the beaches. You can take your pick, Mediterranean on one side or the Atlantic on the other. 20121105-221103.jpg20121105-221111.jpg20121105-221122.jpg20121105-221129.jpg20121105-221138.jpg20121105-221155.jpg20121105-221208.jpg

Here is a place of unique happenings. Two large bodies of water meet each other. In addition, two continents meet each other. This is the southern most part of Europe, and it hangs down to meet the rise of North Africa. It is quite a spot to stand on, face the wind and think about how things come together.

I am so glad I got to spend the entire day with our friends. Fair winds and following seas until we meet again…









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