Raiding Pomnegranite Trees in Byblos

While walking around Byblos we couldn’t help but observe that there was an abandoned orchard, and in the orchard- many pomegranates hung ripe from the branches. Our host gracefully climbed, arm outstretched to pluck a few ripe fruit for eating.


I have a confession.

I covet seeds.

It’s no surprise then that I scooped up a few of the segments to bring home for seed propagating.

Even better, our friends baby loved the seeds and started the process for me, taking each seed out of its pith. I scooped some up off his stroller seat as we got back I to the car and off we went.



After a brief fermenting period the juice and flesh came easily from the seed and I ended up with a lovely handful of pomegranate seeds from Byblos trees!


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