The Phoenician

There are only a few moments in history that I remember vividly from my childhood. One is when the Challenger blew up, and the other is watching/listening to an international news correspondent calling in from a Beirut hotel as bombs were falling on the city. In my sheltered life, I didn’t find out much else about Beirut until much later in life.

I can’t remember exactly if it was Robert Fisk or if he was calling from the Phoenician or not. But when we arrived to Beirut and I saw the buildings I really remembered this moment.

Whatever war has torn things apart in Lebanon, I am astounded by the resilience and the regenerative spirit of the Lebanese people.

The Phoenician hotel is breathtaking.
By now, we have been around Europe and the Americas and I can say without reservation, you’ve never really had service until you’ve been to Lebanon.







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