Our Anniversary: Back to Beirut

Our anniversary has come and gone and is hard to believe it has only been a year. Or that a year has gone by so fast.

We were deciding where to go next from Nice. Would it be morocco? South of Spain?

So he decided to surprise me.

It is no surprise that Mr Abrahão found us great flight flights to Beirut. When he told me how great of a deal he got I asked him if he’d seen the news lately.

Neither of us had, so we took a look. Of COURSE! We tuned into the French TV and of course some cartoonist has made some flaming anti-Muslim cartoons. And some bunch of asses in the US have made an anti-Muslim film.
The TV shows images of protest in Lebanon. But we both know the cardinal rule of news reports and travel in general:


We notified the Canadian embassy and off we went. Cautious but not afraid. Nice to Rome, Rome to Beirut. Never believe all that you see on TV.





It was a great way to come full circle in our lives and thinking and revisit the things that brought us together, revisit the place my beautiful husband wrote me from. Good to be together, to realize where we are going together. It was good also to look through the things we hear or assumptions we make and not go into a place of fear- of the unknown, the future.

And of course, good to reconnect with what it is we both want in our lives.

As Shakespeare says “the truth will out”.

It is always good to revisit what the truth is. What side of a story we are hearing, who point of view is it from. We can find kernels of truth in all sides of a story, when we are looking. This has been a great lesson this year for us both, and we always want to remember that if we live a good life and we are good to the people around us the truth will always shine through.

1 thought on “Our Anniversary: Back to Beirut

  1. Very touching..

    I’m leaving Beirut in few days and I already miss it..

    Rules i live by: no watching TV, Its bad for the brain 🙂

    I as well met my husband here and I cannot wait to revisit it again next year and see all the places we went to together.. It will always be the biggest part of my life.

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