Copper Pots

One of the cool things you can see in Brazil are amazing roadside attractions filled with shiny things. The best example of this in our region, Parana, is the stands selling copper pots. Copper must be an abundant mineral from the region, the earth is copper red.




Other goods lined the shelves. I particularly like the cows head. The dinner bells- I want! The rooster weathervane is on my list of items to go atop our house on the farm. My parents always had one.





Of course road side stands frequently sell other goods. When I arrived to Brazil the roadside was filled with stands on the way to Maringa- a neighboring town, and the stands were filled with grapes grown in the region. Sadly, for whatever reason, they are no longer there. Maybe, they will appear once the grapes are back in season. Wishful thinking!

I know I will be back visiting the copper pot stands as soon as we have a house!

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