Culture Shock & Condiments

I miss the food at home. Particularly the variety of different kinds of foods and flavors. Sushi. Asian flavors. The international food availability in Canada, in fact ha always been something I took for granted. The Japanese, Indian, Thai, Malaysian, Chinese flavors we have available in particular.

Mr. Abrahao has been taking me to the market and I have been discovering some of the new flavor here. Particularly the hot pepper sauces. I found a few things that have made my life a little better- at the least, more familiar. Salsa Verde. Sesame oil. Soya Sauce. Worcestershire sauce. Red pepper sauce that tastes surprisingly like Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.


One of my main food loves is Sushi. It took months to find some of the supplies. I have been stocking up.

On our last outing in a nearby town we found a Japanese products store where I went wild. Shiitake mushrooms. Fish sauce. Rice noodles. Udon. Tofu. At last..


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