Weather Report

The weather here has shifted to cold. Really cold! Which should be nothing for this hardened Canadian, but the Brazilian buildings make it much colder. A heavy thickness of cement keeps the house cold it seems. But, the outside temperature is sometimes warmer than in the house. On the plus side- I still have tomatoes growing outside my window. I don’t know how long they will last- I keep bundling them up in my blanket on nights it feels especially cold. Last big cold snap I lost a lot of the seedlings I had been babying. A cold snap travelled up from Antarctica and zapped my plants. But it doesn’t stay long. A week or two.

Here are my little lovelies now:



Days can be brilliantly warm, so I try to capture as much heat as possible during the day. I suppose using windows to catch the winter sun isn’t all that common, considering the quest to keep the sun out of the house in summer temperatures. My goal for our house is to make sure we have someway to heat up when the temperature dips.

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