We Can Start Moving Forward

We spent the weekend setting up our temporary  plant nursery in Nona’s backyard.

I started the cucumber, tomato and leek seeds seven days ago. They were already growing & ready for the little planters. It was pretty exciting to see the seeds begin to sprout, and really exciting to see the little plants in inch high after five days!


Do you know cucumbers originate from India and Western Asia? Cultivated for 3000 years now. Peppers are one of the oldest vegetables in the world (3400) BC. Tomatoes come from South America, brought back to Europe by the Spanish.

We rescued Nona’s overgrown and ensconced mint from the yard and re-potted  it.

The aloe plant that ended up in the jumble somehow now lives in its own comfy pot.

I pruned back some of the jungle plants I don’t recognize yet.

Rosemary, marjoram, fennel joined us in the backyard, having come from the nursery. They recently got new pots!

Cleuse was smart and planted fresh lychees into dirt when the fruit was falling off the tree and now there are five lychee trees growing in big pots. I tried to sprout the avocado, but we are crossing our fingers in hopes of growing!


Lavender is germinating in the fridge. My rose seeds are going through the delicate process of coming alive.


Progress & growth all around.

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